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Exhibit Start Date Online here starting November 5
Our Fall Virtual Art Exhibit is representative of all current ASMC Members (Join Now). We are pleased to announce that 50 submissions have been received across all medium categories.

Our Virtual Art Exhibit will be displayed on our website beginning November 1

  • An End of Show Awards Reception will be held via ZOOM: 
  • 12/05/20 from 1 - 3pm
  • Exhibitors and Members will receive a Zoom Invitation by email; it will be recorded for future viewing

Ribbons (First, Second, and Third Place) will be awarded for each category. Additionally, Achievement Awards may be awarded, all by an independent judge.

            The ASMC Membership term starts September 1, 2020 and ends August 31, 2021. If you are not current with your dues, your membership can be renewed by mailing a check for $30 for individuals or $40 for household, payable to the ASMC and mailed to the “ASMC, ATTN: Membership, PO Box 722, New Monmouth, NJ 07748-0722.
            If you are not a member, you can join the ASMC on the new membership page. 

Once your form and check are received, you will be contacted by our Membership VP to welcome you to the organization. You may then enter our exhibits.

ASMC WEBSITE: www.artsocietyofmonmouthcounty.org
ASMC EMAIL: info@artsocietyofmonmouthcounty.org


ASMC Membership and Programs 2020-2021 F
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Cropping and Resizing Images for iPad an
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Free software and apps for editing photos - Click here

Check out our members (on our Member News page) who participated in and were awarded COUNTY recognition at the Monmouth County Senior Art Show for 2020. First place awardees go on the STATE competition in October.


Brochure of 2020-2021 Meetings and Exhibits
This brochure is our annual plan for the upcoming year. It includes Exhibits and Program Meetings. At this point, we are operating virtually. We hope to meet in-person in the new year 2021
ASMC Membership and Programs 2020-2021.p
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It's been a great two years!
Take a walk through the past two years. Thank you to all for your support. Election results were announced on June 22.
ASMC for 2020 - 2022.pptx
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Updates SEPTEMBER 2020


Re-imagining the ASMC for the remainder of 2020

Dear Members of the ASMC,

We hope you are all well and managing during this difficult time.

We want you to know that you are always in our thoughts and that your Board is actively engaged via ZOOM meetings (see photo below) to continue planning how we can provide value to our members without conducting traditional in-person activities and events.

With your health and safety in mind, the Board has decided that we will not schedule anythinthat requires an in-person presence for the remainder of 2020 . In December, we will see where we are and keep you informed about our schedule of art exhibits and meetings for 2021.

In the meantime, we:

  • Continue with our Virtual Painting Parties via ZOOM on a monthly basis;
  • Offer guest speakers and demonstrations of interest via ZOOM on a monthly basis;
  • Offer a Fall Virtual Art Exhibit that will take place online via our Website;
  • Updated our ByLaws approved by you
  • Have completed our Leadership transition based on the election;
  • Share free online painting workshops and videos;
  • Create new membership benefits;
  • Enhance our publicity efforts; and 
  • Continue to train our members on how to access the technology we are using to stay connected.

If you have a computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone as well as an email address, we know that we can connect you to our meetings/presentations with one-to-one guidance. Sue VanVolkenburgh, our Co-President, is our in-house expert and will guide you through the process by phone. Our next scheduled Painting Party is today, Saturday, October 24th at 5pm. You may call Susan at 4pm for instructions. You may join with or without video. 


Our mission is to promote the arts and encourage creativity.


We are an active group of painting artists and photographers, many with professional designations, who love learning, enjoy creating art, and pay it forward with

scholarships for college art students.


During the pandemic, please join us online at our lively and informative meetings with lectures and demonstrations by professional artists.


As a member, you may participate virtually in any of up to four major Art Exhibitions in 

November, January, March, and April.  All exhibits are judged by professionals who award prizes and recognition ribbons. For sponsored exhibits, we provide monetary awards in five categories (three awards per category) to 15 artists.


For members who are professional artists with websites, we offer a free link on our

Artists and Supporter Links page 

We also offer promotion of their shows to our email list.


Membership is $30/year for individuals; $40 for households.

Our year starts Sept. 1 and ends August 31.  Join us!


 Membership Information is available here


Interested in presenting a lecture or demonstration to our members? Please complete this form and send it to us. Thank you!
Guest Speaker Program Application update
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Interested in getting more involved in our group? Contact us at info@artsocietyofmonmouthcounty.org. Attend board meetings to see what is involved.



Check out our photos from recent receptions and demonstrations.

Thank you to Vince Matulewich for taking them!




Sponsorship Brochure
Learn about the ASMC and how you can sponsor Awards for an Exhibit. Other opportunities are available by contacting Ernest Antholis at info@artsocietyofmonmouthcounty.org
ASMC Sponsorship Brochure.pdf
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Here is a list of ways in which to support the artistic and philanthropic methods of the Art Society of Monmouth County.
ASMC Sponsorship Opportunities.pdf
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The Art Society of Monmouth County is pleased to announce an annual $500 Grant to the Brookdale Community College Foundation for an Art Scholarship to a Monmouth County art student with 24 credit hours and a 3.0 GPA.


The Scholarship is administered in the name of the Art Society of Monmouth County during each academic year. 



WATERCOLOR DEMO BY RANDY MAYER 4/20/16 Photo Credit: Doug Frank

PASTEL DEMO BY HELEN ELENI ANTHOLIS 3/16/16. Photo credit: Vince Matulewich

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Quick Studies: VIRTUAL PAINTING PARTY ART CONTRIBUTIONS by Stephanie and Doug Frank; Linné Grant; Lynne Roemer; Pat Dygulski; Sue VanVolkenburgh; Theresa Trocchia

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Meetings and Demonstrations are held usually on the third Wednesday of the month from September until May. Given the current situation with COVID-19, our meetings and demonstrations are via ZOOM online. Please sign up for our newsletter for dates and times.





www.artsocietyofmonmouthcounty.org for updated information

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