Responsibilities of Exhibit Chairpersons 2018




1.     Verify dates for Receiving, Reception, and Pickup with Exhibits VP

2.     Arrange for a judge; verify payment amount with Exhibit VP; have check on hand

3.     Confirm judge to arrive on Receiving Day after close of Receiving hours (after noon) to judge show (or soon after; check availability of venue)

4.     Arrange for assistants who will mount the exhibit




1.     Arrive at venue 30 minutes before receiving start time to set up Receiving Table.

2.     Receive art

a.     Verify that member dues have been paid with VP Membership; if not, collect them with membership form

b.     Verify that submitted artwork is original, no older than 5 years, and has not won an award from the ASMC in the past two years (except for Oldies but Goodies Show)

c.     Review Registration Form (available online for download) for completeness and signature of artist (affidavit of meeting requirements and liability release)

d.     List artist name, medium, title of artwork, tag #, and price on Receiving Form (this is used for the program so it must be accurate; none can be “Not for Sale” NSF except OBG Show)

e.     Collect Exhibit Fee and Membership Dues if applicable

                                               i.     $5/submission for members

                                             ii.     $10/submission for non-members – The  Toni Wilczewski Memorial Photography Show is the only show open to members and non-members

f.      Sign and give receipt to artist; assign # tag and color-coded tag identifying medium.

3.     Give art to hanging assistants for placement on walls, grouped by medium.

4.     After receiving all art, prove the monies collected with forms submitted and give to Treasurer or President (mail or personal delivery: do not mail cash)



Welcome judge and note the awards on the Receiving Form list

a.     Send list of awardees to Webmaster (Helen Antholis) at and Publicity Chair (Tom Wilczewski at

b.     Send list of awardees to Treasurer (Nancy) for checks to be issued

c.     Pick up or receive checks from Treasurer before Reception

d.     Send list of entrants entered on Receiving Form list with awardees highlighted to Exhibits VP (Vince) who provides ribbons & retains information for one year

e.     Prepare ribbons for awardees with title, show, medium and date

f.      Place ribbons of artworks

g.     Have Corresponding Secretary send a thank you note to the judge




5.     Prepare a typed program for the show listing artist name, medium, title of work and price.

a.     Make copies for the venue and the art reception and place on wall

b.     Retain all paperwork for one year

6.     Recruit and Confirm volunteers for reception to bring refreshments (food and beverages), setup, clean-up. Up to $50 is available from ASMC for reimbursement for water, soda, iced tea, finger snacks, cheese, vegetables, crackers, desserts, etc. NO DIPS or WINE permitted. Submit receipt to Exhibits VP for reimbursement by Treasurer

7.     Arrive at venue 30 minutes before reception to setup refreshments, etc.

8.     Place name badges for artists on entrance table




1.     Introduce Sponsors

2.     Thank Artists and Committees for Mounting Exhibit and Hosting Reception

3.     Present Awards

4.     Thank everyone for coming



1.     Gather all remaining papers, badges, refreshment items

2.     Collect 20% commission fee on sold works from artists

3.     Prepare final Income/Expense Report for Show and submit to President within one week with any additional checks going to the Treasurer



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